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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Been awhile and WIP

It's been a few weeks since my last post.  Seems like this time of year, things really start happening.  You know, things you scheduled on your calendar, at a time when December was COMPLETELY wide open and now, hardly a minute to breathe!

I've been sewing, just not as much as I want to!  So, I thought I'd share what's up and W.I.P.

1.  Quilt School 1
As you'll recall, I'm taking quilt school 1 at my local sewing shop, Thimble Pleasures, in Chapel Hill, NC.  I've quilted the top and now have binding on, well at least partially on.  But this class will now let me complete my niece, Tanner's quilt.

Quilt School 1 top w/ borders

2.  Oz Quilt (for Tanner)
Now that I know how to properly put together a quilt sandwich, I need to re-baste this sucker, quilt and bind.  All this before 12/30, as this is her 13th birthday present!

3.  Sawyer's Quilt
I've cut everything, and am piecing.  Going to the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild's sew-in at Spoonflower on Sunday, so I hope to make some progress on this quilt.  This is due 1/5/13; another birthday present!

4.  Tea Towel Calendars
So, I bought a BUNCH of these from Spoonflower to give as gifts . . .I've got to bind them/finish up the edges.  Completed 1!  About 9 more to go . . .

5.  Janele's VW van pillow
Saw this pattern from Tula Pink and knew I HAD to make this for my friend, Janele, for Christmas.  She loves the VW van and IS going to have one someday.  Now she can have a pillow until . . .

Not started, but I've picked fabric!

6.  3x6 Sampler Mini Quilt Bee
I've made 4 of the 6 blocks for this bee.  Pictures to come.  Due 1/15/13, I think!

So, what are you working on?

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