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Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Heart the 80s

I was in a Flickr swap that just finished up and I'm so excited to show you what I made for my partner, Courtney.  I was so excited to get her name, because I'm in the Believe Circle of do.good.stitches with her, and I absolutely LOVE what she posts up on Flickr.  I mean, the girl does amazing work!  So, I knew I had to bring out some good shiz!

Courtney left wonderful hints, and she was easily stalkable.  She is a little younger that I am, so our 80s references overlapped, but we different just the same.  My original idea was to make a modern day version of the bermuda bag.  I carried one of these in middle school and they were all the rage and I LOVED MINE.  I mean, you could change out the covers; I had a monogrammed one, a corduroy one, a pink and green one . . .  

I recently purchased Stitch Savvy, by the very talented Deborah Moebes, and in that book, is her version of the classic bermuda bag, The Classy Lady Elbow Bag.  When I saw this pattern, I knew I would make this for Courtney.  I purchased some awesome cassette fabric from the Geekly Chic line as well as some Robert Kaufman pink animal print.  See, Courtney was a Jem fan, and, well, that pink lepoard fabric would be perfect to make the cover!  I found a Jem patch and ordered that, thinking that it would be the most awesome finishing touch.   However, that patch has YET to arrive . . . and the deadline for sending my swap item out was April 30.  

Bag fabric . . .yeah, those are sparkly handles!

So, last week, I came up with another idea.  Courtney is a HUGE fan of John Hughes films.  Someone in our Flickr group posted a discussion topic about what your favorite 80s movie quotes are.  Lucky for me, Courtney posted several.  With this info, I set to creating a 16 candles pillow for her.  It turned out fab, if I do say so myself!

I am still waiting on that Jem patch.  I'm gonna finish the purse cover when that comes in, and I'll send that on as well.  So, yeah, two gifts!  Not a bad deal!  She is awesome, so she deserves it!

Classy Lady Elbow Bag

Y'all have a great day!

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  1. Love that pillow -- what pattern did you use for the letters?