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Monday, February 9, 2015


I've had a few finishes in the new year, so I thought I'd share them with you!

First up is my nephew's quilt.  He's the youngest of my sister's kiddos and he asked me this summer, "Where's my quilt?"  You can see the one's I did for the other two, here and here.

I purchased the fabric for both nephew's quilts at the same time (Emily Herrick's Hall of Fame and the pattern is her's too, though I can't remember the name), and I started Sawyer's quilt first.  I put it away for about 2 years, and when I pulled it back out, I realized what a crappy job I had done of sewing and cutting!  Argh!  Not consistent 1/4" seams, and wonky stitching. . . 
Anyway, I finished up the blocks and abandoned the sashing I'd cut and arranged them on the design wall.  
The quilt came together quickly.  Though once I started quilting the bad stitching and not so great basting reared it's ugly head!  I did simple straight line quilting, but the quilt was so wonky and puffy in places, I had to go back and do some cross hatches to keep the fabric down.  Once washed, it looked better.  And Sawyer was so happy to get his quilt.  That child is always cold, so I hope he uses the heck out of it!

Quilt Stats:
Sawyer's Quilt
Size:  50x60
Pattern:  Lagoona (modified) by Crazy Old Ladies
Fabric:  Kona Steel and Hall of Fame by Emily Herrick
Quilting:  Aurifil, straight line quilting

Another finish I'm so happy to have done is my A is fo Apple . . . Z is for Zebra quilt!

This is for baby Otis, my back door neighbor's new pride and joy.  He was born in September of 2014.  I started this quilt in August and finished it up Friday night.  It was gifted to Otis this weekend so I'm so happy to share!

I am very proud of this quilt, as it's designed by me, based upon an image I stumbled across on Google!  I designed all the letters and their objects and printed them out, cut them up, and cut them out of the fabric.  All the letters are fused to the background fabric, then I zigzagged stitched around them.  

I decided to do the alphabet because that's how Otis' room is decorated.  I chose fabrics that I love and objects that mean something to me or to Otis' parents.  They went to Bucknell and Frostburg, so the "B" has a bison and bobcat!  NC State and West Virginia is where they did their masters work, so the "M" has a mountaineer and the "W" has a strutting wolf (Go Pack!!).  The "N" is my favorite; you gotta love narwhals!  But I also love the "Q" and the "G"!

I discovered a new stitch on my machine (Bernina #4) and set it to 3.0 and quilted away.  I love the texture!  I bound the quilt in Sweetwater Elementary Biology Black and I love how it turned out!  Machine bound this too.  I'm getting better at it but I still need to practice, practice, practice!

I'm thinking about turning this into a pattern . . .

Quilt Stats:
A is for Apple . . . Z is for Zebra
Size:  52" x 62"
Pattern:  by me, various 10" high blocks with applique letters and objects
Fabric:  Moda Feather for background, various lines including Architextures, Mirrorball Dot, Frippery, True Colors (Joel Dewberry), Road 15, Mixed Bag, Collage, Notting Hill, A is for Alphabet.  Most of this was purchased at SewLux Fabric!  Go check them out!
Quilting:  Bernina stitch #4, Aurifil

Now I gotta get ready for QuiltCon!  There's a bag in my future . . .Of course I'll share it here!

Happy Sewing!


  1. These are both awesome! I'd love it if you made a pattern!

  2. Hi Nicole! Both quilts are beautiful but with the letters is really Special! I love your design, letters, colours and the story! x Teje

  3. I love your alphabet quilt, it is too cute! I'm a new follower and Jan over at Sew and Sow Farm sent me over to say hi because it's her blogiversary! Love your quilts and I'm fairly new but I'm going to try to make an alphabet quilt soon!